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its 7:40, i just went running and almost broke down.. i laiingd at the sidewalk next to the street, couldnt breathe, had a horrible stomach ache.. no one around- great. so some really nice guy icked me up and drove me home. i know what ur all thinking nw but i cant help it< even if i dont feel comfortable about hitchhiking i had to do it totday, otherwise id have probably passed out. were off to the lake in a few minutes.

yesterday we went to the lake, where a couple of guys decided to wakeboard while tina and me went tubing- awesome!! SO mch fun< after that we had a big fat sunburn and didnt feel good at al. at night we went to a mongolian restaurant where they cook ur ood in front of ur eyes. it was great but absolutely too much. we then went home and went out again with some of matts friends. bedtime was at like 1 o"clock. we're getting better folks.

m dizzy now, im about to change into my bikini and pack all my stuff. also im hungry again annelle bought lots of lactose free food like ice cream for me which is yummi

14.7.09 14:46


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