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zu viel negatives in houston, also erzähl ich einfach die positiven aspekte. wir sind zurück in san antonio seit samstag nacht. weil wir so frustireiert waren wahrscheinlich mit 2 bis 3 kg mehr auf den hüften

am sonntag haben wir kenny, lexie und frankie getroffen, was mich total gefreut hat :D

jetzt ist es 6 uhr morgens, ich muss mir unbedingt die zähne putzen!! und gleich gehts ab zum flughafen. hoffentlich haben wir hin und wieder mal internet. wenn ihr anrufen wollt könnt ihr dies gerne tun


27.7.09 12:48


Today was AMAZING! We had so much fun! This morning Kenny, his mom and another guy picked us up to go to Fiesta Texas (Six Flags). We got there at 10 and went home at 9:30. We stayed in the actual park until 4, then went to the water park which is also part of it and stayed until 7. went back to the park and watched the fireworks at 9 o’clock.
The actual plan was to go bowling after that but we were too tired and so Kenny took us out for dinner and then home.
Six flags wasn’t too good I guess because tina’s sunburn has now turned into a sun poisening.
I called a bunch of people that morning to meet them at Salsalitos, a Mexican restaurant, and guess how many came: none. I was more than disappointed. Sam called me though and we met him at Starbucks and talked a little. He’s really nice. Tina stayed home that day cuz she was not feeling well at all. At 7 o’clock we left San Antonio to go to Houston- a 4 hour drive. Tina and me have our own apartment now, next to Danielles house where Nancy is staying.
The plan for today was usually a trip to the beach in Galveston. For breakfast we had planned to go to ihop because the last time we went there Tina was absolutely amazed :D so I did a good job! Hah! We met with Nancys brother Larry, his wife and his daughter. Somehow though they changed the plan and all the sudden we were sitting in a Mexican restaurant with non-eatable food. While I was so hungry that I didn’t care about the taste, Tina just had a little sandwich and stopped eating after that. She was feeling horrible because her sunburn just got worse.. so we told Nancy not to go to the beach. She wasn’t too happy about that because she was planning on doing stuff with us that day. But Tina really needed to get some rest and so we drove home; I made ice cubes to cool her head and she slept for a while. At night we met Jonathan, he used to be my best friend at High School, and his wife Jenn. The situation was kinda awkward I guess.. we didn’t say too much, had dinner at Chillis, walked around the mall and then went home.
What did we do today? Nothing.

Gerade mal auf Deutsch, just in case you know

Wir haben versucht in der Stadt ein Internetcafe zu finden, weil wir dank N. Tochter nicht ins Internet dürfen oder unseren Computer an ein Internetkabel anschließen können. Sie hat mir vorgeworfen, dass der Computer seit ich das letzte Mal dran war zusammengebrochen wäre aufgrund von Myspace. Wie auch immer.. das Wasser in unserem Apartment ist SCHWARZ! Wir können also nicht duschen, was aber keine Sau interessiert. Bei ihr dürfen wir warum auch immer auch nicht duschen.. irgendwie hasst die uns.. warum auch immer. Wir haben kein Telefon, keinen Fernseher, kein Radio, keinen Föhn.. nein stopp ich müsste aufzählen was wir haben: eine Luftmatratze. In einem leeren Apartment.. unsere Mitbewohner berufen sich auf Spinnen, Spinnen und nochmals Spinnen. Zur Kröhnung haben wir beschlossen unser Essen ab jetzt selber zu kaufen, da wir die Familie unter keinen Umständen in finanzielle Nöte stürzen wollen. Wären wir gestern Abend nicht selbst nebenan vorbeigekommen um zu sagen, dass wir wieder aus der Stadt zurück sind, hätten wir noch nicht mal gesagt bekommen, dass es Pizza gibt. Unsere Verpflegung besteht aus: Chips mit Queso, Gummibärchen, Kekse, Brot ohne Belag, Minus L Milch für mich, 2l Diet Dr Pepper, eingefrorenes Gemüse, und Dosenravioli. Ob wir angepisst sind? Neiiiiin.. aber wir sind trotzdem freundlich.. was bleibt uns auch anderes übrig. Tina macht sich Gedanken wegen ihrem Jahresurlaub und wir freuen uns beide möglichst bald im Flieger nach Florida zu sitzen wo wir hoffentlich noch mal ein paar super Tage verbringen werden!!!


27.7.09 12:45


this morning we went down to the river walk and rivercenter where i got a pedicure while nancy and tina went on the little boats that float through the canal of the city (i've been in there 2 years ago). we went to the alamo also and bought some stuff at the mall. on our way back we called evan and met him at his home ( i passed marys house!). he took as to another mall where we walked around and talked. we finally went to arbys and after that he took us home. we just had dinner and i'm trying to reach marlon so we can do something tonight.. maybe go bowling or something like that. trisha didn't call me, she told me that she has still stuff to do because she's leaving tomorrow to go to michigan. i really don't know about that. iwas kinda disappointed but whatever.

love u guys.

21.7.09 02:40


after a big breakfast we all left to go to the airport where we had to say goodbye. i even had to cry.. the time we spent in dallas was indescribable! now we're ready for a new adventure in SA. the flight was only 1 hour long whcih i think was pretty tight.. tina therefore who had to sit in the very last row didn't share my opinion. as soon as we got out of the plane she told me that this was the most horrifying flight she ever attended^^ nacy picked us up and we drove home right away. danielle, one of nancys daughters was at the house with her two kids as well as leo. we went to bill miller to have lunch and took a nap once we came back to the house. in the evening nancy took us to austion where we went canooing (pretty awesome!!). later on we went to a movie theatre where u get to order food while watching a movie. we watched ice age 3, but not in 3D.. it was.. umm.. alright i guess.. not the best movie but okay. we got to see bryan (nanys son) and his wife as well as fran (nancys daugther) and also we got to see her other daugther amy. we spent the night at her house.


this morning i woke up later as usual.. i think we get used to the time over here. amys chicken were waking me up. we had pancakes, sausage and eggs ( i know i keep talking about food!). at about 11 we went to church and after that we headed back home. now we're sitting here. nancy and leo just left to go to church, they're having dinner with some other people tonight. i am supposed to make some plans with my friends for tomorrow and the rest o the week so that's what i'm working on right now. i just talked to my parents, zack and also matt. matt promied to come to germany next year so i hope he's gonna keep that promise- thatd be more than cool!

20.7.09 01:54


i wke up and was about to die cuz i had one of those aweful stomach aches u dont wanna have. we went to ihop where tina got her presents. matt, preston and her went home while i was trying to figure out how the whole cellphone thing works.. apparently t-obile cant unlock it cuz the service over here doesnt match with the service in germany whch sucks. i decided to buy a simple phone card pretty soon.

later on we went to southlake to get a nano ipod for tina. matt took us to chillis to have a small lunch and two hours later we invited the family to have dunner with us. we went to a realy nice small restaurant- mexican food- delicious!

at night we hung out with some of matts friends, watched tv and went to bed

now were about to leave to go to SA im sad though.. i promised to come back next summer and bring my arents and/ or tobi


ps. ill call u mummy and daddy, just dont know when yet.. and tobi thanks for caling again :D luv u!

18.7.09 15:24

i miss my family and my boyfriend a lot -.-

 but todays our last day over here and we just came back from ihop where we had breakfast cuz its tinas birthday. i have a really terrible stomach ache problem going on and i feel weak and a little sick.

yesterday we went to Fort Worth, a very cute small town that looks like the wild western everyone knows from tv. there were saloons, lots of shops that sold boots and cowboy hats, all kinds of stuff someone might need for horseriding etc. we saw longhorns too it was very hot though. today its retty chilly, i think about 80-90 degrees or so. when we went back to the house a couple of people came over and we had barbeque. i went to bed early cuz i was very tired.

now im excited to go to SA tomorrow, were gonna take off at 8:15 in the morning. hopefully my stomach will feel better until then.

lots of love

17.7.09 20:17

photos are now online- either on mspace or u can chack on


16.7.09 22:13

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