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we are TIRED. gosh.. too tired!! yesterday matt and his mom took us to dallas downtown to go to the world aquarium because we didnt wanna be in the sun for a day or so. we went back to the house, morgan came over and we left to go to a coffeeshop called buon giorno and from there we moved on to gameworks, a really place where u can play as much videogames as u want to. we decided to watch harry poter at 12 and so we went back to the house, had some people come over, went swimming in the pool, had babeque and almost fel asleep at the movies. we went to bed at 4 and i got up at 7 to ride matts bike. pretty cool. matts parents took me to a park and took their dog wattson with them. tina is now awake, matt isnt< im starving and were about to leave for Fort Worth. cant believe the 5 days in dallas are almost over :S morgan left this morning to go to austin for an orientation for college. tinas arm gets worse and worse, idk the sunburn just wont go away. big kisses to julia <33
16.7.09 16:55


alright so we went to he lake that morning and tina tried to waterski as well as wakeboarding which both didnt work out very well. but i wasnt any better. it was fun though. we went shopping after that and i bought a jacket, pants and a shirt, also  sim card with 10 dollars on it so i can call other ppl in america.

a few minutes ago we went to dinner and both of us are sick right now. i really love to eat but i just cant see junk food anymore. its disgusting. i dont feel well.. i havent really since i left germany which pisses me off. i take a lactose pill like every other day even though i try not to eat anything that contains milk in it. anyways- tina is laying down now cuz she thinks shes getting sick and idk.. im a little homesick right now. i guess ill watch tv or something. hopefully mum and dad will call tomorrow...

15.7.09 03:33


its 7:40, i just went running and almost broke down.. i laiingd at the sidewalk next to the street, couldnt breathe, had a horrible stomach ache.. no one around- great. so some really nice guy icked me up and drove me home. i know what ur all thinking nw but i cant help it< even if i dont feel comfortable about hitchhiking i had to do it totday, otherwise id have probably passed out. were off to the lake in a few minutes.

yesterday we went to the lake, where a couple of guys decided to wakeboard while tina and me went tubing- awesome!! SO mch fun< after that we had a big fat sunburn and didnt feel good at al. at night we went to a mongolian restaurant where they cook ur ood in front of ur eyes. it was great but absolutely too much. we then went home and went out again with some of matts friends. bedtime was at like 1 o"clock. we're getting better folks.

m dizzy now, im about to change into my bikini and pack all my stuff. also im hungry again annelle bought lots of lactose free food like ice cream for me which is yummi

14.7.09 14:46

hello partypeople!!

this is sunny and im ur narrator for today. right now its 9:06 am in dallas and we finally got a laptop to write our daily diary since my notebook wont work.

we left germany on friday 10th to go to NY. our flight was one hour late and once u entered the airplane you felt like being in a great giftbox. the wals as well as the seats were covered with flowers. the people on board were nice but the food was disgusting and so we decided to not eat anything. bollywood movies were shown all the time and a funny smelling guy was sitting next to us. once we arrived in NY we took a cab, drove to our hotel and bought tickets for a bustour for 48 hours. this day we decided to go downtown, the next day we went uptown, made a night tour and bought an i love ny t-shirt. all in all it was pretty amazing.

the next day we took off to go to dallas and i tell u it SO cool don here. matts parents are incredible!! tina and i love it! we went to have dinner together, after we went swimming in the pool and met morgan, matts friend. after that we went to play pool. went home, played video games, went to bed. theyve planned a bunch of things for us this week so it wont be boring at all.

alright, i"ll keep you updated.

and by he way: my bf and i have been dating for 20 months now :D just to let u know. lots of love to the people out there. peace.

13.7.09 16:08

hello everyone not quite sure wheter to write in germanor in english but for now it has to be english

so its wednesday; next friday i will leave for america :D yay! together with a great friend of mine, tina. i guess its gonna be lots of fun so if you wanna follow our adventures on a daily basis check out this diary, starting next saturday.


1.7.09 23:53

so it's almost over.. again.. the very first day is the day i'm gonna be available probably. at night i'm gonna go to one of my old fav places- das gnooooom :] ha! so if you guys wanna see me meet me there, i'll stay one or two hours. otherwise it's confusing to me that my ex bf already has a new gf which makes me kinda upset but hey he's not worth it then and the weather over here is weird- but HOT! geees ppl hot hot hot. hope everybody got my postcards. saturday will be the day :]

love ypu all!

4.7.07 19:58

soooo yeah

almost home, 6 more days, the oldest entry is on my myspace and i cant copy it so im reall sorry for that. well- im lokking forward to coming home and spend some alone time with my grandmas and my very close friends but first i wanna have some time for my own, thinking, studying, finishing up the stuff i have to finish up and so on.. so dont be mad at me if i dont wanna hang out with u immediately okay i mean, im not going anywhere anyway, so ill be there. just give me some time.

i miss san antonio, our vacation is great though.. im glad i have julia with me, shes the best! im also happy that julia and laura thought about me thank u guys i was happy to hear from u and yea i got ur card laura :D thx alot!

kk, gotta go, tmmrw julia and me have a double date with some guys that are a liiiiiittle bit older than we are x]

love sunny

30.6.07 17:54

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