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 San Diego

 is my dream city!! :D haha well- i think its awesome at least- id totally go to college there, we just had one day so we didnt see that much, but i bought a t-shirt when we went to see the hard rock cafe wuhuu

we also went to the harborm to the beach, a bridge (forgot the name lol), downtown of course and the best event- the san diego ZOO! awwww man... amazingly great! cvant describe it- one of the most beautiful zoos in the world! :D



 well- we've been waiting sooo long for hollywood havent we?! we left early in the morning at like 7 or something and went straight to LA wheer we took the next bus to make a 'tour' cuz we missed the really big city tour for over 5 hours.. ours was 4 1/2 hours long and WEIRD! we went to beverly hills.. we saw the hollywood sign- far away.. we went to see where all the stars go shopping.. we stopped somewhere called the farners market, but we didn't really go downtown. BUT- before that we went to Laguna Beach- thats right and it was AMAZING! we also saw venice beach during the tour and it was sooo pretty!!


today we passed santa barbara, santa monica, malibu and all those pretty beaches along one of the most beautiful highways in the US, highway number 1 :D

23.6.07 05:49


so from phoenix to san diego. we didnt see very much of phoenix but whatwe saw was pretty tyte. well- san diego is PRETTY! i love it! and tmmrw we're gonna go to the zoo wuhuuu :D i'm SO excited.. and afterwards we're gonna make a city tour with a bus probably, gonna go to thehard rock cafe like we always do and ang out close to the water ha =] i appreciate everybody that continues writing me THANKS SO MUCH! muah, love y'all <3
20.6.07 06:35

from san francisco, the golden gate bridge, hard rock cafe, harbor, wax museum, city tour bus adventures to fresno, to las vegas and all the casinos, to bryce canyon and the grand canyon, we're now in phoenix.. ready to move on to san diego tmmrw :D its been a loooong and exhausting way with our bus haha but fun though.. still, san antonio is missing -.- man.. and its hard to find an internet cuz i dont wanna pay every time.. luckily we have free net over here in this sleep inn thing we're staying at tonight. yesterday night me and julia went in a jacuzzi and afterwards in a cold pool it was fun.. i cant wait to see hollywood wuhuuu and im looking forward to going to that famous zoo in san diego :D
19.6.07 00:30


well, julia already told you a little bit i guess.. right now, eva, julia, my parents and i are in fresno and today is gonna be our trip to las vegas wuhuu.. we spent 3 days in san francisco and it was beautiful!! we went to the golden gate bridge, made city bus tours, took the cable cars, went to the hard rock cafe, to the waz museum and on and on and on.. still- i miss san antonio.. ALOT! and it makes me cry sometimes.. well, my bf and me are kinda broken up cuz what's the sense of dating if we don't see each other for like a year again?! i'm too sad right now, but i really try to enjoy every single moment that julia and me spend over here together, in california. im glad my parents are with me on the one hand, but on the other hand it feels like i dont belong to them or anybody anymore sometimes; its kinda strange. and my mood changed a lot since ive been with them again.. i dont get it. but yeah right now theres lots of stuff im gonna do once ill be back in germany again.. but thats a while.. still... fortunately

14.6.07 15:42



Don't cheat on yourself the only person you can cheat on is yourself. Those are the words that keep spinning around my head and that I remember. He's right, somehow. Looking back, I collected more expereincses than I ever expected. My biggest thanks to my parents who made the entire exchange prgram possible for me; also to all the ppl who supported me from the very first beginning- especially my very best friend julia ( i love u girlie!!) Not to forget my amazing bf who gave me hold and made my year unforgettable. Of course I also wanna thank everyone of my friends that were there for me all the time ( jonathin and travis you know what i mean ).

So what I learned over here is something nobody can and will ever take away from me. beisdeed getting more independent, learning more about the american culture and gaining weight, I also improoooved my english- it;s not perfect, but i can talk :] I'm more than the innocent girls everybody sees in me bu a big thinker.. it takes a while to figure that out i guess.. i don't like to open myself too fast.. there's so many plans and dreams for me to work for back home that i'll be busy i guess. I'm looking to playng my guitar again with my very good friend back home as well as gping dancing wuhuu. And the bad exzperiences I had made me realize to be happy about the thibgs you actually have or had- don't regret or look back, you can't change the past anyway, so it's a good thing to just move on. Too many tears have been shared already.. still it;s hard to hold up my head smetimes.. especially now that I already left San Antonio. But when I was walking out of that door saturday night, I was hurt of course and crying.. but I still had to smile; more on the inside than on the outside though I guess. It's not over - not for me, not now. I know there;s always more than one chance we just have to take it instead of saying empty words. taking action is the most important part and I know with some work I'll do what I'm planning on doing. For now it's good to have something to look forward to, and see the future with another point of view, a happy point of view; having all my new experiences behind my back, not forgetting what once used to be and what will still be as soon as I will be coming back. Thanks alot you guys

lots of love


13.6.07 01:58

soooo julias and my parents are on their way to tampa RIGHT NOW. its kinda creepy how fast time passed my.. thurday is gonna be my goodbye party and i hope a bunch of ppl will hopefully show up.

the last week was kinda good i guess- i went to the movies with zach my friend to watch pirates and it confused the hell outta me i was like ??? ooookay; was a good movie though.

this weekend/ last weekend we went to houston to celebrate alex' ( danielles son) b-day it was pretty cool but it started raining x] we left on thursday afternoon and came back sunday night. well- i spent my entire weekend with a girl named macey and her two little step sisters madeleine and irene. madeleine is 11, irene 13, macey 16.. they were all friends of danielles and because my hostmum thought i wouldnt wanna hang around the older crowd i stayed at their house and it was fun!! tehy have a pool and a hot tub where we went swimming in.. we watched dream girls and little miss sunshine, we bought candy, we just drove around, we went to a college station with one of macey's friends to register her, we went to eat at i-hop, we celebrated her stepdads b-day at pappas seafood yummy and after alex' b-day we invited 2 black reall nice guys over.. yeah and everybody wanted me to do stuff but i was just like yeah umm im good, thx. but it was hard to say goodbye to all those ppl, knowing that you might not ever see them again..

ive heard some ppl got mad at me cuz i supposely said that i wasnt gonna write anybody anymore.. well no.. i just got really lazy and im sorry for that.. an yea its true i wanna enjoy my last weeks here, especially my last 6 days in san antonio.. i so dont wanna go home.. ill be back as soon as possible thats for sure! oh man, i have to throw up if i think about going to school in germany again -.- -.- -.- oh well we'll see what happens.. at least  theres always friends! :D and im really looking forward to meeting my vry best one ha! i love u chickpea!!

today i got a letter from aifs and its a certificate that i finished me year succesfuly.. and they brought me some paperwork to fill out where i had to tell them what i liked and what not and if i would advise this program to somebody else and i was just like no and listed billions of reasons.. well they wanted my opinion and so i told them the truth.. pff.. kk, what else? were gonna bake cookies today :D yeeeeah both nancy and leo are reall sick.. they have the worst soar throat ever and are coughing all the time, i feel sorry for them

im a myspace freak now.. maaaan, i dont know what im gonna do when ill be back cuz of the time difference but ill still be online to talk to all of my friends :D i just hope we have the possibility to be online while were in california and florida.. kk peeps, gonna go

love y'all

4.6.07 20:15

soo we just got back from austin and i got 4 hours of sleep cuz i didnt feel like sleeping. we brought nancy'z mum home and shes gonna stay wih us for like a week i guess- shes too cute :] haha

well austin was kinda fun.. we were working on the house- ripping out carpets and all that fun stuff.. i got to use power tools he- and i did good! :D im reall good with screws  now- women at work haha, so no one can tell me anymore that the youth now days it too retarded to work or fix something :] hm.. yeah we worked all day and there was a bunch of mosquitos eating me -.- but it was fun- exhausting though. we got back at 12 pm yesterday night. i got to know jimmy, nancy's brother while we were staying at amy's and fran's house (nancy's daughters who live 2getha in austin)

were all gonna meet thuray night or friday cuz its alex' b-day on friday ( alex is danielles son and danielle is nancy's daughter 2 lol confusing^^

hope all of u are doing good- im gonna sleep all day i think ha

love <33

29.5.07 17:12

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