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Hey everyone!This page is my personal american diary. It's here to write down my experiences and adv... weiterlesen
1.8.06 07:08


3-Days Orientation in NYOh u guys I gotta tell's har for me to write about my first days in ... weiterlesen
5.8.06 04:48

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME SO PLEASE READ THIS:I forgot all of my adresses at home so it would b... weiterlesen
6.8.06 02:48

Alright, now I can go on with me diary and hi, this is sunny whos writing right now. Sunny? jup, the... weiterlesen
6.8.06 03:35

Day 4Yesterday evening, Stephanie and Jimmy asked me to stay the night in their house so I went home... weiterlesen
6.8.06 22:53

Day 4 Hey everyone, it's 6 to 9 and I'm sitting here, writing to u. Both of my parents are... weiterlesen
7.8.06 16:20

Day 5Today is gonna be a very relaxed day, just like yesterday. I'm sitting here, writing emails, li... weiterlesen
8.8.06 16:20

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