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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :Dafter play- practise we went for trick or treating, i dressed up as a hippie lol ... weiterlesen
1.11.06 15:05


Last football game of the season -.-yesterday, on saturday me and dasha went to the lst football gam... weiterlesen
5.11.06 19:37

heyyy everyone! :D today was THE day when we had our FIRST SHOW! it was INCREDIBLE!!!! oh my goood, ... weiterlesen
10.11.06 04:52

SHOWTIME!thursday and friday were the two days where we opened the show and all of us had a REALLy a... weiterlesen
11.11.06 23:27

I DID IT AGAIN! :Di tried out for the play and i did it! yeahh, and the cast is really small so im t... weiterlesen
18.11.06 17:58

heyy u out there this week was actually pretty good!! we had a lot of tests but that was alright, i ... weiterlesen
19.11.06 17:59

THANKSGIVINGtheres not really much to say about. i spend a great time with my family and we ate turk... weiterlesen
26.11.06 19:04

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