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yesterday we went to school cuz trish got honored with a bunch of other juniors as well as seniors, ... weiterlesen
1.12.06 00:27


French picknick at MacArthur parcit was a little bit sunny when i got up yesterday but since thursda... weiterlesen
3.12.06 16:14

OH MY GOSH! today, another package arrived :D and it was from my parents and guess what?! YEA right!... weiterlesen
5.12.06 02:58

hello everyoneactually we wanted to bake cookies this weekend but emmi has to work and i changed my ... weiterlesen
9.12.06 02:17

aaalright, i wanna say something really important- the things that i really miss over here, especial... weiterlesen
9.12.06 15:35

hey im just sitting here, just came back from dinner.. i had a salad, an oven potatoe with sour crea... weiterlesen
12.12.06 04:27

heyyy whats up people^^i just finished my first exams.. english, sewing and history and i think, or ... weiterlesen
16.12.06 03:48

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