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NEW YEARS EVEalright, i actually thought were gonna celebrate and stay up all night, seeing firework... weiterlesen
2.1.07 01:40


2nd semestertoday was my first day of the second semester and i got my new schedule:1. PE 22. Person... weiterlesen
4.1.07 01:18

so my first week at school is already over again; my first drivers ed class kinda scared me xD maybe... weiterlesen
6.1.07 16:21

yupp its true, i have terrible soar throat and i dont feel very well. i wont go outside, probably no... weiterlesen
7.1.07 16:43

kay; ill keep it short cuz i feel like im gonna throw up every second cuz i ate too much yesterday. ... weiterlesen
13.1.07 15:36

soo i deleted the pictures to have some space for new ones- i just went our with daniel, a guy from ... weiterlesen
15.1.07 03:16

we dont have school today! the streets are frozen, its too cold and its supposed to snow in the nex... weiterlesen
16.1.07 06:01

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