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hello partypeople!!

this is sunny and im ur narrator for today. right now its 9:06 am in dallas and we finally got a laptop to write our daily diary since my notebook wont work.

we left germany on friday 10th to go to NY. our flight was one hour late and once u entered the airplane you felt like being in a great giftbox. the wals as well as the seats were covered with flowers. the people on board were nice but the food was disgusting and so we decided to not eat anything. bollywood movies were shown all the time and a funny smelling guy was sitting next to us. once we arrived in NY we took a cab, drove to our hotel and bought tickets for a bustour for 48 hours. this day we decided to go downtown, the next day we went uptown, made a night tour and bought an i love ny t-shirt. all in all it was pretty amazing.

the next day we took off to go to dallas and i tell u it SO cool don here. matts parents are incredible!! tina and i love it! we went to have dinner together, after we went swimming in the pool and met morgan, matts friend. after that we went to play pool. went home, played video games, went to bed. theyve planned a bunch of things for us this week so it wont be boring at all.

alright, i"ll keep you updated.

and by he way: my bf and i have been dating for 20 months now :D just to let u know. lots of love to the people out there. peace.

13.7.09 16:08


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