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we are TIRED. gosh.. too tired!! yesterday matt and his mom took us to dallas downtown to go to the world aquarium because we didnt wanna be in the sun for a day or so. we went back to the house, morgan came over and we left to go to a coffeeshop called buon giorno and from there we moved on to gameworks, a really place where u can play as much videogames as u want to. we decided to watch harry poter at 12 and so we went back to the house, had some people come over, went swimming in the pool, had babeque and almost fel asleep at the movies. we went to bed at 4 and i got up at 7 to ride matts bike. pretty cool. matts parents took me to a park and took their dog wattson with them. tina is now awake, matt isnt< im starving and were about to leave for Fort Worth. cant believe the 5 days in dallas are almost over :S morgan left this morning to go to austin for an orientation for college. tinas arm gets worse and worse, idk the sunburn just wont go away. big kisses to julia <33
16.7.09 16:55


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