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after a big breakfast we all left to go to the airport where we had to say goodbye. i even had to cry.. the time we spent in dallas was indescribable! now we're ready for a new adventure in SA. the flight was only 1 hour long whcih i think was pretty tight.. tina therefore who had to sit in the very last row didn't share my opinion. as soon as we got out of the plane she told me that this was the most horrifying flight she ever attended^^ nacy picked us up and we drove home right away. danielle, one of nancys daughters was at the house with her two kids as well as leo. we went to bill miller to have lunch and took a nap once we came back to the house. in the evening nancy took us to austion where we went canooing (pretty awesome!!). later on we went to a movie theatre where u get to order food while watching a movie. we watched ice age 3, but not in 3D.. it was.. umm.. alright i guess.. not the best movie but okay. we got to see bryan (nanys son) and his wife as well as fran (nancys daugther) and also we got to see her other daugther amy. we spent the night at her house.


this morning i woke up later as usual.. i think we get used to the time over here. amys chicken were waking me up. we had pancakes, sausage and eggs ( i know i keep talking about food!). at about 11 we went to church and after that we headed back home. now we're sitting here. nancy and leo just left to go to church, they're having dinner with some other people tonight. i am supposed to make some plans with my friends for tomorrow and the rest o the week so that's what i'm working on right now. i just talked to my parents, zack and also matt. matt promied to come to germany next year so i hope he's gonna keep that promise- thatd be more than cool!

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