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Day 4

Yesterday evening, Stephanie and Jimmy asked me to stay the night in their house so I went home with them. We decided to go in Pirates of the Carribean. It was late so I fell asleep in the cinema during the film xD The voices in English sound kinda weird! I think they're much better in German. Today I had to get up early, I don't what time it was I only know that I took a shower and then went in the car without eating anything. We went to Stephanies chruch. Oh boy, church over here is so much different and better than in Germany. There was a big band on stage and everyone clapped their hands and sang the songs because there was a big wall on which u could see song after song. Totally cool, was a lot of fun and the preaches aren't as boring as here..they make lots of jokes, take it easier. After an hour, about 10 o'clock we went back home and I had breakfast. A few minutes later we went shopping in the first big Mall I saw round this area. I bought a T-Shirt if u can call it like that, I will show u a photo soon, and converse shoes- the black ones.

Then we went to Wall Mart again to get my stuff for school. Those people use notebooks for their classes. I had to buy 8 different notebooks and some pencils. Now I'm sitting in front of the computer. I just talked to my darling (I love u!) The homesickness isn't gone yet but I hope it will..soon. Tomorrow morning I can spend quiet a long time on the computer cause my parents have to work *hehe We'll have barbecue now (I'm getting fat, I tell u..oO pancakes..MC Donals, Coca Cola, everything with fat and sugar >< etc.)

so see u tomorrow and don't forget to write ur adress in my guestbook! big kisses

6.8.06 22:53


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