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my weekend was awesome! on saturday we went shopping with dasha, the russian exchange student. we found her a nice dress, its the same as mine, just in another color aaand we all bought some shoes, mine are golden, i know, sounds weird but looks very good in combination with mt dress!! after shopping, eating ice cream and coming home for havin a snack, we went to school to watch the play "stagedoor" which was actually pretty good but would be better if id understand everything xD after the play, we went to HEB where i bought lots of fruit and tomatoes and a drink AND gum, which is very important cuzamerican students have gum all the time. luckily theyre allowed to have gum in class! on sunday we went bowling for 2 hours, just trish and me and we played well, i mean trish played amazing and me..ehm..i was alright. when we came home again i did laundyr, means i ironed it. when we had dinner that day we went out for buying ice cream at probabaly 8:30. ohh man, american ice cream is SO good :D today was just cool, like every day, tonight i gotta study because were having a test in french tomorrow about the "subjonctif" or what its written like^^ yeah, but i dont have to study very much.. and tomorrow there will be try outs for the next two plays and guess what?! ill try out! probably.. im not sure yet but it would be so cool cuz i always wanted to be in a drama group and its definitly the same as in our school! and i still wanna make marlon to go to homecoming. soo..yup what else? there ws this guy today in gym class, and honestly im having a bad hair day right now soo this guy was coming up to me and sais:" excuse me but u look really pretty todaz" and i was like: ? and i couldnt say anything more than thank u... oh and i talked to my councelor, i will not take TAKS at the end if the year cuz its about everything, chemistry, physics, algebra 2, geometry and so on and so on.. so yeah, i decided not to take those and i wont graduate anyway so i dont have to take them.

2.10.06 23:44


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