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kk, next week were gonna get our final grades for the first nine weeks and im very excited!! try outs shoukd be in the next couple of days so hopefully my knees will be alright then >< right now im staying here at home, with shelly. trishs out playing softball and kyle and her dad are watchin her, actually we wanted to go alltogether but when i woke up this morning i just felt sick and i got terrbile stomach ache.. theres nothing really new to tell, eeeehm i borrowed the movie texas massacre which is supposed to be very good and after i watched that i wanna see texas massacre the begiining which is at the movie theaters right now :d yeahhy, oh and we went out wathcing step up, its totally cool, i liked that movie! i got a new series on tv i REALLy like, its called flavor of love and i dont know, its just crunk xD im looking forward to tomorrow, i love going to school and meeting my 'friends'. i start learning how to sew and now its actually really fun. on tuesday im gonna stitch my name on my project by mrs foster and then were almost done with it. when i talked to my parents today i felt so good! they told me that they wanna cme and pick me up at the end of may and u know wht the best part is? julia is perhaps coming with them and her mother!! :D isnt that cool?! i miss her soo much -.- but its cool thatwe can call each other from time to time. so now im gonna finish my homework and study for the little french test tomorrow and when im done i think i wanna watch the movie i borrowed and yeah, thats it for today. tomorrow will be another start, hopefully i wont be that stressed out as i was this week. love u guys

15.10.06 21:40


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